Friday, March 15, 2013

Best Brands of Tile Saws

As the name suggests, tile saws are used for cutting tiles. In order to meet their specific needs, craftsmen require various different tools and tile saw is one of them. While selecting the saw various factors need to be considered to have the best one so that it brings in high level of professionalism in the work. There are many tile saws manufacturer in the market and among them few are known for their variety as well as quality. Some of the best manufacturers include the following.


Dewalt is one of the major industrial giants which manufactures a wide range of tile saws. The company was started in the year 1924 by Raymond E. DeWalt. One of the best models made by the company is D23000, 10 inches wet saw which has a cantilevering cart system that provides huge ripping capacity of 24inches. There is a stainless steel rail system which is integrated in the saw's frame which provided accurate cuts. Moreover, besides its tough built the saw is compact in design which makes it easy to store and transport. Another top rated saw by the company is DW861W which has high power of 12.5amp capable of cutting through granite as well as porcelain material. Its D24000S is also a very popular tool which has cantilevering rail and integrated 45/22.5 degree miter so as to provide quick angled cuts.

MK Diamond

MK Diamond is another one of the best tile saw manufacturers which started its business in San Francisco in the year 1868. The company is known to produce durable, versatile and precision cutting saws. No matter whether you are a tile professional or a contractor or a do it yourselfer, there is always something with MK Diamond to get your job done in the right manner. Some of the best saws in the business which delivers innovation and best features to the craftsmen are manufactured by this company. Its MK-100 is a wet cut tile saw which provides all the perks and professionalism that a craftsmen needs from his equipment. The MK-212 series of saw by the company has 2HP direct drive motor which is fully enclosed and has plunge which is capable of cutting large sized tiles. Other features of this series include pivoting bade guard, tilting head, friction locks, built in lifting handles and many others. The other famous tile saws from the company include TX-3, MK- JCS Saws, MK-660, MK-770, MK-770 EXP and many others.

Besides Dewalt and MK Diamond there are other manufacturers of tile saws as well, which provide good variety and quality tools. Some of them include Laizhou Machinery Group Co.Ltd, Heyun International Ltd, JDR Diamond Tool Co Ltd, Hangzhou Yongfa machinery tool Co Ltd and many others. While selecting the saw machinery first of all look out for your needs and requirement. Easy handling and transportation of the tool should also be considered as an important factor. You can compare the saws manufactured by various different companies and select the one which goes best with your requirements and budget.

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